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To The Moon Sequel To Be Released This December

Prepare Your Feels…

Out of all the games built on the RPG Maker engine, none have had quite the impact and seen the kind of renown that To The Moon has. While it had plenty of sci-fi and comedic elements, what really hit home for most players was the riveting emotional tale between its tragic romantic leads.

As a last wish before his death, two doctors try to alter the memories of an old man named Johnny, so the last thing he remembers before he passes away is going to the moon. Of course, things don’t work out quite the way they expected, leading to the doctors (and by proxy, us) having to retread through all of Johnny’s memories. Spoilers, they’ll make you believe in love and cry waterfalls before you know it.

And now, according to an article on IGN, we are getting something of a spiritual sequel.

Finding Paradise, the full sequel to To The Moon (not counting spin-off A Bird Story) will be released on December 14.

Some fans might have been a little confused when a trailer for “To The Moon 2”, promising “more action, more explosions, more loot boxes” popped up. As returning lead character Dr. Watts puts it – “thank god it was only a dream”.

Instead, we got a release date for the follow-up to the 2011 indie darling.

To The Moon followed two scientists who are able to alter the memories of dying individuals to give them more peaceful recollections. It’s primarily narrative, with limited “gamey” interactions, but our review concluded that its tale of “life, death and the importance of living with the memories of the best and worst of times” made it more than worth playing.

Finding Paradise will follow both To The Moon and A Bird Story, as the lead characters from the first game enter the dying mind of the character from the second.

Be sure to check out the trailer for Finding Paradise below.