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Top 5 South Park Video Game Bosses

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The Fractured But Whole has been out for a little while now, and its become pretty clear that the kids from the little mountain town have managed to carve their own little corner into the gaming industry. The stories are hilarious, the gameplay is way more fun that it has any right to be, and we can’t help but look forward to what they have planned next!

They’ve tackled fantasy and superheroes, what’s next? Anime?

But until that day comes, we have both The Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole to look back on with plenty of fondness, especially when it comes to the amount of obscene and crude boss fights we had to endure. In celebration, we;re counting down our top five picks for which battles across the South Park video game-verse were the most hilarious as well as unexpectedly challenging!

Fair warning, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! 

#5: Drunk Randy

Randy Marsh is an absolute legend, though who would have guessed than when drunk he makes for an entertaining as all hell boss battle? When inebriated on beer, you just have to worry about him landing a few swings on you, but when he has too much red wine? Randy becomes a unrelenting savage, one who can easily lay the smack down on your party!

#4: Jared Fogle

No one was expecting this. Turns out there is one white prisoner in all of South Park, and wouldn’t you know it, it turns out to be the Subway Guy. Not only is his boss fight rather difficult given his one-hit KO attack, but the fact you are actually fighting THE Jared Fogle is so wrong that you can’t help but wonder what Trey Parker and Matt Stone were thinking. We’ll give them this, it’s certainly a memorable encounter. And also put us off Subways forever.

#3: The New Kid

We knew time travel was going to be an essential part of the game, but somehow we never put two and two together and realised that we could end up fighting ourselves! In order to repair the damage caused by Cartman and Mitch Conner, the South Park Kids all head back to when Stick of Truth was taking place and end up fighting a past version of The New Kid. Players literally have to take on their own character…who for some reason is now way OP!

#2: Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny

Only South Park could make a final battle like this as funny as it was oddly epic. Every party member gets their own chance to shine when facing off against Kenny and her zombified minions, all leading to the pitch perfect payoff by having The New Kid break the gentleman’s code in order to stop the undead princess. This just so happened to involve farting on her balls.

#1: The Underpants Gnomes

The actual fight itself is just like every other battle the first game throws at you, so what could make it so special? Well, that would be the fact you have to fight the gnomes while shrunk down to their size…and while your parents are having sex above you. Having to take down your foes while avoiding your in-game father’s swinging testicles is an experience we still haven’t recovered from.