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Top 5 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency Moments


While Phantom Blood can certainly be praised for a number of factors, it’s fair to say that this beautifully crazy anime didn’t find its feet until the likes of Joseph Joestar entered the scene. While the first season had a rather tragic end, the likes of Battle Tendency took the wilder aspects of the series and dialled everything up to eleven.

Throw in Joseph’s infectious attitude and a set of villains who were so lethally fabulous it’s almost scary, JoJo’s second outing proved to be so much fun that fans found themselves hooked.

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For providing so many laughs, and standing tall as the most infuriatingly handsome Joestar to date, we decided to give Joseph his due and count down what we believe to be the top five most memorable moments from Battle Tendency. 

Fair warning, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: Your Next Line Is…

Joseph is a cocky little bastard, and we love him for it. Nowhere is this better shown then when he disarms his foes by predicting their exact words and thoughts before they say them. And wouldn’t you know it, he’s right every time. This is almost always followed by his ingenious plan to defeat said enemy in a rather spectacular fashion. Kind of scary to think how much of a genius Joseph actually is…

#4: Run Away!

The Joestar family secret; when shit hits the fan get out of there and get out of there fast. Always shocking and hilarious, especially in the way Joseph actually sprints off, we never get tired of seeing him flee the scene. This may seem cowardly, but his retreats often lead to another part of his cunning plan. Besides, if the Ultimate Life Form was chasing you down you know that you would run too!

#3: The Funeral

Leave it to Joseph to turn up at his own funeral. After his climactic battle with Kars, the rest of his family and friends gather at his grave to mourn his passing…only for him to suddenly arrive unharmed and a little bit confused. Turns out that his brand new Italian wife failed to tell everyone he was alive, just so they could have honeymoon together. Romantic, right?

#2: The Ultimate Life Form

The other Pillar Men certainly had their moments in the spotlight, but Kars stole the show when he succeeded in his millennia long goal of ascending to godhood. After gaining both the Red Stone of Aja and the Stone Mask, Kars was reborn as the ultimate being, capable of transforming and gaining the abilities of all life on earth. And what was the first thing he did? Turned his hand into a demon squirrel that proceeded to tear its way through Nazi soldiers.

#1: The Death of Caesar

Oddly enough, Battle Tendency’s most poignant moment was actually legitimately sad to watch. During a fight with the Pilalr Man Wamuu, JoJo’s best bud Caesar ends up being defeated…before he is crushed under a giant stone cross. Luckily, he still manages to pass on the last of his Hamon onto Joseph in the hope that he would succeed where he failed. Watching Joseph and Lisa Lisa break down when they discover that their friend is dead is bound to bring a tear to your eye.