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Top 5 Villains We Want To See In The New Batman Film

Riddle Me This, Who Shall Be The Dark Knight’s Next Foe?

The Caped Crusader has not had the easiest time of it lately, especially when it comes to the silver screen. While we are still firmly in Ben Affleck’s corner, the negative outcome of Dawn of Justice and the mixed reviews for Justice League paint a very bleak picture for this Batman’s future.

Then you have the upcoming feature known simply as The Batman; a film supposedly set outside the DCEU that may not even star Affleck in the role!

Regardless of the outcome, we won’t deny that a Batman film brought to us by the guy that made War for the Planet of the Apes sounds incredible! This of course leads to the obvious question regarding the film’s villain. It’s unlikely we will get ANOTHER Joker, so we decided to list who we would love to see (re)appear.

#5: Mad Hatter

While we’re not saying literally put Batman in Wonderland, having this villain make his cinematic debut would give the film the excuse to go balls to the wall with the Alice imagery. Imagine Batman having to track down this pint-sized criminal while overcoming macabre versions of famous Lewis Carroll characters. Heck, they could make the famous Tea Party downright disturbing.

#4: Hugo Strange

He’s figured out Batman’s secret identity on a few occasions, has little morality to speak of, and under the right circumstances would made for a rather frightening villain. Can you imagine being restrained in a small room with this guy while he tries to psychologically profile you? He may not have any powers but would make for a stark contrast compared to all of Batman’s other foes.

#3: The Ventriloquist

It might be a little bit goofy to think that a doll could be a villain, but with the right actor this could be spellbinding. We aren’t talking about a living puppet like Chucky, but having a villain who can seem nervous and frail like Wesker but deep down still have the capability to turn into the ruthless mob boss Scarface would be incredible. It would be a demanding role, but if done right would be a real treat to watch!

#2: Hush

With a burning desire to destroy Bruce Wayne’s legacy, Thomas Elliot would make for a much more grounded foe for the Dark Knight to overcome. It would be a battle on equal footing in terms of both brains and brawn for sure. Not to mention it would make for a much more emotional story should their shared backstory be handled correctly.

#1: The Riddler

We love Jim Carrey, but its high time that we saw The Riddler come back into the fold as the villain we know he is. Less colourful hi-jinks, more deathtraps that reflect Edward Nigma’s own narcissism. Give us a sociopath obsessed with outwitting Batman whose riddles inspire fear, not laughter. Besides, it would be great to see Batman actually do some detective work…