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Top 5 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood Moments

Behold The Original JoJo!

To this day, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has managed gain legions of fans, all who have fallen head over heels for the crazy, stylised content the anime is famous for. Characters that are beyond the pale, action scenes that walk a tightrope between silly and visceral, and a villain who has become one of the greatest memes of all time.

It’s a cultural phenomenon that somehow manages to transcends its more ridiculous elements and come out awesome as a result. And it all started with two men, a stone mask, and a rather vicious gentleman’s disagreement.

While it doesn’t tend to be everyone’s favourite series, Phantom Blood was nonetheless vital in the Joestar storyline. So to honour the OG JoJo, we are counting down our picks for the top five moments from the first series!

Fair warning, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

#5: It Was Me, Dio!

And just like that, a meme was born. But even if you ignore how this moment blew up across the internet, it’s still one of young Dio Brando’s most despicable moments and shows that even before becoming a vampire how much of a douche he was. Forcibly kissing the one woman JoJo had fallen for love out of spite was a real low blow, but showed he was clearly heading down a dark path.

#4: Overdrive

Just out of context this scene is utterly gold. Our hero has to defeat a zombie Jack the Ripper without spilling a drop of wine out of glass in order to complete his training under a moustached Italian named Baron Zeppeli. How does he handle this? By punching a wall, channelling the force of a sun, and exploding the zombie’s head on the other side. Like we said, gold.

#3: Zeppeli’s Fate

His time may have been brief, but Zeppeli was still one of Phantom Blood’s strongest draws. After all, within a minute of meeting him the Baron demonstrates the power of Hamon to JoJo by punching a frog and managing to break the earth underneath. This made his eventual death one of the sadder and more significant moments. But hey, at least he gave his student a major power boost before he kicked the bucket.

#2: For Erina’s Honor

After forcibly kissing the girl he likes and then kicking her around, you can imagine Jonathon was more than a little ticked off. Fighting Dio for the sake of Erina’s honor, he ends up getting his ass handed to him by his rival yet again, only to finally find the strength to push back. Watching Dio get destroyed is one of the most satisfying sights we have ever seen!

#1: The Death of Jonathan Joestar

Even at the end of all things, JoJo remained a true gentleman, even when stuck on a ship filled with zombies, and when the disembodied yet still living head of Dio blasted his neck open with laser beams. We aren’t joking. Yet through all of this he still finds a way to save Erina, and died with a smile on his face while cradling Dio, feeling no hate in his heart for his enemy. Talk about manly!