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Top 5 Dragon Age Romances

An Inquisitor On The Streets, A Qunari Between The Sheets

Bioware’s fantasy RPG has gone on to become one of their flagship series, and depending on who you ask it remains on par or even beyond that of the Mass Effect franchise. With the world of Thedas filled with such unique lore and so many intriguing questlines for the player to indulge in, it’s no wonder that fans are chomping at the bit for the reveal of Dragon Age 4.

Of course, with every Bioware game comes new romance options to explore, and over the years the series has gained quite the roster, especially when it comes to the inclusion LGBT characters.

Who knows what we will get with the series’ fourth major instalment, but knowing Bioware like we do, its bound to be filled with characters who dazzle us in ways we were not prepared for. In preparation, we’ve listed what we believe to be the top five best romances in all of Dragon Age! 

#5: Alistair

In some ways a king, and in other ways a moron, Alistair to many was the ultimate bro who helped them through the terror of the Blight. Adorkable in every way, its no surprise female Wardens were also eager to become his Queen. He was certainly good for a laugh, but above all else was noble, compassionate and just the kind of ruler that Ferelden needed…even if he was still lovably awkward from time to time.

#4: Cassandra

Dutiful to the very end, Cassandra certainly goes through a journey alongside the likes of the Inquisitor. While originally vehement in her faith and calling, the game’s events lead her to question her path. This leads her to mellow out over time, and if properly courted becomes a lover who above all else is dedicated to the Inquisitor. She’s a strong yet uniquely vulnerable woman who you’ll never want to leave your side. Also the fact she loves Varric’s smutty books is just too perfect.

#3: Dorian

Sassy, proud and quite possibly the best example of a homosexual romance option we have seen in gaming, Dorian’s sexuality walks the fine line between serving as an essential part of his character without governing him. In other words; his friendship, abilities and overall persona would be welcomed by fans no matter his preference, but the fact he is a gay man who has had to deal with heartbreak as a result of his sexuality only elevates him. Flashy until the end but with plenty of heart, Dorian is forever spellbinding.

#2: The Iron Bull

Admit it, you wanted to ride the bull as soon as you became aware he was a romance option. And he literally will take anyone to bed. However, much like Dorian, this side of him is explored in such a fascinating way that a romance with him not only is all kinds of fun to watch unfold, but actually serves as an emotional education into the mindset, beauty and barbarity of the Qunari race. He’ll make you laugh, he’ll make you blush, and he’ll crush a dragon’s skull in one blow. What a charmer.

#1: Morrigan

Her influence and involvement across the series has made her a standout character, one whose magic will burn your face off and whose tongue will leave you speechless from just how sharp her rebukes are. Her romance with the Warden isn’t only full of brilliant quips, but when it comes to the choice of having a child with her in order to seal the soul of an Old God, her character comes full circle as she becomes a mother who would move the world for her son. This payoff is shown at is best in Inquisition, where Morrigan shows that her romance with the Warden and having said child has turned her into a better person. She’s still as snarky as all hell, but better nonetheless.