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“S Stands For” Might Just Be The Best Anime Meme Of 2017

You Won’t Be Able To Get It Out Of Your Head

Like all modern media, anime has its own fair share of memes. Sometimes they’re a little more obscure in content but are still nonetheless hilarious if you happen to be a fan. Who could forget the charming Yugo Gasai and her waifu murder face? That time that Shirou reminded us that people die when they get killed? How Shinji needs to hurry up and get in the robot? Or the classic quote that came from everyone’s favourite JoJo villain, Dio Brando?

Now it appears that we have a new contender, one in the form of the opening theme song to the comedic anime series Blend S.

According to an article on Crunchyroll

Something’s been brewing on twitter…

The infectious BLEND-S opening has inspired a series of parodies, taking the familiar chorus of moe archetypes starting with S and adding a surprise to the end. The formula goes “Smile, Sweet, Sister, Sadistic, Surprise, Service” then improvise! It’s being called “S Stands For” which has been confusing a number of other hashtags. Over the course of several days, the meme has advanced into multiple fandoms, including American pop-culture, video game and other anime…

Yep, this is definitely one for the history books. We honestly can’t tell if we should abhor this or just give in and start cranking out more entries to add to the #SStandsFor machine. Given how the show is about a sweet girl who can’t help but look demonic when she smiles, it’s fair to say that this series was prime for meme generation. Wonder how many more we will get before the year is out?

If you actually want to see the intro without the addition of memes (though why would you?) you can check it out below!