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Raji: Ancient Indian Bastion?

Can It Spice Up The Action RPG Genre?

While the final product hangs in the balance of its Kickstarter campaign, we have to admit the look and feel of this game looks rather intriguing. With a combat system that has us reminiscing about the likes of Bastion and Transistor, along with gorgeous visuals that conjure memories of Journey, this project has us yearning for more almost immediately. Throw in the stunning backdrop of ancient India, and this has the potential to be a true contender.

According to an article on GamingBolt

India probably isn’t the first country that comes to mind when you think about high quality video games but there have been a number of good titles to come out of the sub-continent like Lovely Planet, Good Robot, Asura and whatnot. Nodding Heads Games’ Raji: An Ancient Epic is probably one of the more interesting games I’ve seen in a while though.

Set in ancient India, Raji follows the titular main character as she fights off demons invading her realm to rescue her brother. Ultimately, she must face Mahabalasura, the demon lord, but will call upon divine powers to aid her. Raji boasts hand-painted visuals and various locations set in the medieval era which advance the plot and have their own unique stories to tell.

Raji: An Ancient Epic is currently live on Kickstarter and requires £120,000 to achieve its funding goal. As of now, 362 backers have pledged £9,463 with 32 days to go so there’s still time to see it come to life.

As far as first impressions go, we have to say that we are very eager to dive more into this world. Hopefully there’s plenty of substance beneath its beautiful surface. Maybe a little taste of Indiawill go a long way.

Be sure to check out the trailer for Raji: An Ancient Epic below!