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CD Projekt Red Will Return To The Witcher Franchise

Just Don’t Expect To See Witcher 4

Thanks to the phenomenal amount of content, its layered and complex characters, its thrilling narrative and just the sheer scope of it all, many would argue that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is as close to perfect as a video game can get, and that was even before Blood and Wine came out!

After completing such an endeavour, you could understand developers CD Projekt Red wanting to take things easy. However, it appears they are hard at work on their next project; Cyberpunk 2077. Which, if its to be believed, will even dwarf Wild Hunt in size.

While that’s every shade of awesome, obviously there will be those who will are eager to see if we will ever see the likes of Geralt again, or if the Witcher series is truly done and dusted. The answer? Apparently no to both.

According to an article on GamingBolt

CD Projekt RED has spoken about its plans for the future of the Witcher franchise, noting that while it will “probably” return to the world of The Witcher again some time in the future, it will definitely not be with The Witcher 4– that story arc is firmly finished and concluded.

Speaking to Strefa Inwestorow (and translated by IGN Poland), CD Projekt CEO Adam Kiciński noted that the company still owns the IP, meaning more games in the universe are likely to come from them- but the story of the original trilogy, as envisioned, is done, so they will not be doing follow-ups to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He noted that not making a new Witcher game would basically end up being irresponsible, as both fans and investors would be disappointed if they didn’t.

They have, of course, every reason to make a new game in The Witcher universe- Wild Hunt was a stunning success, ending up as one of the most acclaimed games of all time, and selling over 6 million copies worldwide, and they’d be foolish to stop it at that. Hopefully, the next Witcher game, whatever it is, ends up being as compelling as Wild Hunt was.

The White Wolf may have hung up his swords for good, but perhaps this means Ciri will get another time to shine? Or maybe some of the other members of the School of the Wolf can have their moment? No matter what they decide to go with, legions of fans can’t wait to return to the Continent!