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Bandai Namco Is Developing Three Exclusive Games For The Nintendo Switch

Dark Souls Spin-Off Anyone?

To say that Nintendo Switch has been a huge success is like calling water wet. It’s dominated the year with heavyweights such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey under its belt, and continues to snatch up other gaming giants such as Doom, Skyrim, Wolfenstein as well as whole bunch of awesome indie titles

If there’s on area its lacking in, however, it would be exclusivity. Something to call its own. Something other than 1-2-Switch.

Well, thanks to the contribution of Bandai Namco Entertainment, that’s all about to change.

According to an article on Anime News Network

The Wall Street Journal tech reporter Takashi Mochizukireported on Twitter on Tuesday that Bandai Namco Entertainment president Satoshi Ōshita revealed during a financial briefing earlier this week that the company is developing three “big” games exclusively for the Nintendo Switch platform, which will be revealed from spring to summer next year. (Note: In an English Twitter post Mochizuki said to “expect releases” of the games in “around” spring-summer 2018.)

Mochizuki also reported that Bandai Namco Entertainment president Mitsuaki Taguchi stated that he “didn’t think the Switch [would] be accepted this fast,” and also noted that all of the company’s intellectual property and franchises could be made available for the console.

According to Mochizuki, Bandai Namco Entertainmentnoted that it still has more than enough resources to continue development for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

The Nintendo Switch has sold more than 7.63 million units worldwide as of September 30. This includes 1.95 million units in Japan, 3.11 million units in the Americas, and 2.56 million units in other regions. In addition, Nintendo has sold 27.48 million units of Nintendo Switch software.

So what are we thinking? Spin-offs of their most famous properties? Quick cash grabs? Or projects that will really put the Switch through its paces?