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New Mazinger Z Film To Premiere In…Italy?

The Iconic Mecha Is Headed To Rome!

Old school anime fans are likely more than a little pumped since after so many decades one of the genre’s most recognisable characters is getting the renewal it deserves. And we have to say, from the look of things so far modern CGI is doing wonders for Mazinger!

However, in a rather unusual twist, the world premiere for this 70’s mecha will be taking place at this year’s Rome Film Festival.

According to an article by Crunchyroll

The official website for the upcoming new anime film Mazinger Z/Infinity announced that its world premiere screening will be held at the 12th International Rome Film Festival in Italy on October 28. The original creator Go Nagai, who is invited to the event as a special guest, is confirmed to attend the screening. The festival’s official website introduces the film as below:

“The highly-anticipated film will be presented by the world-wide famous mangaka Gō Nagai, the Japanese author who forty-five years ago – in 1972 – invented Mazinger Z, the first Japanese anime to feature a robot controlled by a human. The Futuristic appeal and the values of peace and justice he fights for turned Mazinger Z into a planetary phenomenon, a timeless hero and one of the most beloved of all time. Mazinger Z Infinity brings the legendary main character Koji Kabuto and his arch-enemy Dr. Hell to the big screen for an exciting new adventure. The film is produced by Japanese animation studio Toei Animation.”

Huh, maybe he’s just a fan of the artwork and the food?

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the official trailer for Mazinger Z / Infinity below, and to any Italian anime fans who might be in the area, don’t miss out on the chance to see the big guy’s dramatic return next month!