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Top 10 Disturbing Anime Moments

When things in anime go dark, they go DARK. As in it will mentally scar and keep you up at night for fear of reliving what you just witnessed in your nightmares. Whether for the visceral imagery or psychological edge, these ten scenes will shock and unfortunately stay with you long after the episode has ended.


#10: Torture

Kaneki is imprisoned and brutally tortured by Yamori, to the point where not only does his hair change color but he is forced to give into his Ghoul half.

#9: Hallucination

Tetsuo starts to trip major balls while in hospital, seeing visions of giant monster toys as well as nearly drowning in a sea of milk.

#8: Chimera

Ed and Al discover that their friend Nina and her dog have been fused into a single creature by their insane alchemist father.

#7: Flashback

Seras is forced to relive the most painful moment of her childhood, one where a pair of thugs killed her parents. She managed to get one back with a fork to the eye…only to get shot as while her mother’s corpse get defiled.

#6: Death of a Puppy

Lucy makes a friend in the form of a stray puppy, only for a group of bullies to beat it to death with a vase, causing her to kill them all with her vectors.

#5: More Torture

Kaiji finds out why you don’t try to swindle a casino when they cut up the inside of his fingernails.

#4: Introduction

Caster is summoned into the world of the living, and celebrates by ripping a child to pieces with tentacles.

#3: Even More Torture

Shion is forced by her twin sister to de-nail herself via a medieval device to bring honour back to her family.

#2: The Horse

A dead horse becomes possessed by an evil spirit and attempts to rape Farnese. Guts responds in turn.

#1: The Bunnies

Demonic beings in the shape of bunnies run amok and slaughter an entire town. They even blend people!

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