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Top 10 Justice League Episodes

Take the DC Universe’s most iconic characters and put them in a superhero team and what do you get? A damn good show that stands at the pinnacle when it comes to storytelling, animation and the overall representation of our favourite caped crusaders. Amidst all the stellar episodes, we believe these ten are the League’s greatest outings.

Be warned, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: “Double Date”

The Huntress gets kicked out of the League, and decides to recruit the Question to help track down the man who killed her parents. Oh, and afterwards she and Q totally hook up.

#9: “Wild Cards”

The Justice League have to stop Joker’s nefarious scheme while also battling the Royal Flush Gang…who sound awfully like the Teen Titans.

#8: “Question Authority”

Question discovers the biggest conspiracy of them all, only to be kidnapped and tortured by Cadmus.

#7: “Alive!”

Luthor finally defeats Gorilla Grodd and assumes control of the Secret Society, however his plan to revive Braniac fall apart when he inadvertently resurrects Darkseid instead.

#6: “Hereafter”

The world mourns Superman after his supposed death, when in truth he has been sent thousands of years into the future where all life on Earth has ended. Well, almost.

#5: “The Great Brain Robbery”

The Flash and Luthor end up switching bodies, leading to chaos for the League as they have to stop a super-powered Lex from causing havoc.

#4: “Clash”

Superman and Captain Marvel battle it out after their opinions divide on Presidential Candidate Lex Luthor.

#3: “Injustice for All”

The League meet their match when Luthor assembles a team of supervillians to help him destroy them. Including the Joker.

#2: “Starcrossed”

Hawkgirl’s people invade the planet, declaring martial law and turning the Justice League into fugitives. But where do her loyalties truly lie?

#1: “Destroyer”

With Darkseid’s return, both heroes and villains must work together in order to save the world. This wasn’t only a great way to end the series, but also featured the best Superman punch ever!

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