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Top 10 Stylish Anime Men

These boys are keeping it stylish! Whether they’re heroes, villains, gentlemen or jerks, our ten choices more than know how to appear dashing with an eclectic choice in fashion. Seriously, forget about their brave or ill deeds, these guys’ wardrobes are the true stars of the show!

#10: Izaya Orihara

Just because he’s an information broker who loves causing chaos doesn’t mean he can’t pull off that sweet jacket!

#9: Kanba Takakura

His playboy lifestyle turns an ordinary school uniform into a parade of sparkles and sex appeal.

#8: Johji Koizumi

The man is a fashion designer, that means even if we did try to make fun of the amount of feathers he uses we would just be wasting out time. Johji lives and breathes style to the point where even the mainstream can’t handle it.

#7: Worick Arcangelo

We’re guessing that when he chose to become a gangster he also decide to only wear gangsta threads.

#6: Char Aznable

Be honest, the only one who could ever pull of that look and make it look ace is the Red Comet.

#5: Joseph Joestar

New York’s JoJo may be just as muscular as his ancestor, but he also comes armed with a hell of a lot of swagger. Not to mention plenty of tight fitting shirts.

#4: The Host Club

No matter what getup they’re wearing to entice their customers, Tamaki and the rest of Ouran’s golden boys (and gal) never fail to light up the screen.

#3: Shuu Tsukiyama

Not only does the Gourmet of Ghouls know his stuff when it comes to dining on human flesh, but he’s also got a pretty particular dress sense.

#2: Tuxedo Mask

Full credit needs to be given to this guy for managing to pull off the magician look with such class. No wonder Sailor Moon fell for him so hard.

#1: Light Yagami

You can’t become the God of the New World without being beyond dapper.

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