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The Puzzle is Finally Coming Together in Episode 3 of “American Horror Story: Cult”

Most TV shows feel the need to let the viewer know the general plot from the starting gate. With “American Horror Story: Cult”, showrunner Ryan Murphy and co. are three episodes into the new season and are still withholding nearly all of the tricks up their sleeves.

The Horror Lives Next Door

In what has been the most exciting episode of the season thus far, “Neighbors from Hell” drew back the curtain on Ally and Ivy’s new neighbors the Wiltons. Revealed to be working with the psychopathic Trump supporter Kai, Harrison and Meadow Wilton have a bone to pick with Ally, who at the end of episode 2, had just accidentally shot a Mexican coworker in an act of self-defense. Now that Ally’s name is in the public eye and her paranoia is at an all time high, will the killer clown gang be after her next?

After a truly unsettling opening scene that further sets up some of the random killings that have been going on in Brookfield Heights, we were totally on board for an episode full of clown mischief. Unfortunately the masked troublemakers were in hiding for the rest of the episode, essentially instead becoming an installment based around mind games between Ally and the Wiltons.

While the first two episodes of this new season were certainly not disappointing, “Neighbors from Hell” definitely ramps up the quality in nearly every way, featuring plenty more scares, just enough answers to satisfy anyone that was getting impatient, and some serious award-worthy performances by both Sarah Paulson and Alison Pill. Though this seems to only be the beginning of these great performances, as we’re sure that with Ally and Ivy’s relationship on the rocks, these two will be bringing some raw emotion to the table.

Mr. Guinea

With many of the pieces of the puzzle finally in sight, “American Horror Story: Cult” is starting to at the very least make sense. Though we still don’t know why they had to let that poor guinea pig die…