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Teaser for New Episode of Re;Zero Revealed

How Many More Times Can This Guy Die?

By the time that Re;Zero came and went, it had established itself as one of 2016’s most popular anime, mainly through a combination of an adorable female character who rose up to become everyone’s new waifu, as well as a protagonist whose unfortunate brand of immortality led him to suffer multiple, gruesome deaths.

You don’t see that kind of violence in Sword Art Online.

While many were left heartbroken that Rem didn’t find love in the end, the series was nonetheless concluded in a fitting manner with it looking rather unlikely we would see a second season.

Well, apparently the studio had a different idea since they have announced that a brand new episode is on the way.

Now we have no idea if this is an OVA, the first of a possible sequel series or perhaps one of those jokes episodes where the cast ends up a beach for no rhyme or reason, all we do know is that it’s on the way and from the look of the teaser Subaru is trying his luck at baking. Almost like his life depended on it.

Which, knowing this series, is a very real possibility.

According to an article on Otaku USA Magazine –

More Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- is on the way.

White Fox, the studio behind Re:Zero, will release a “new episode,” it was revealed today at an event in Akihabara.

A two-minute trailer for the new episode, with main characters Subaru, Emilia and Rem, was also revealed.

It is not yet clear what form this new episode will take, or what it will be about, but we’ll be sure to update you when more details are released!

Be sure to check out the trailer for the upcoming episode below!