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Sword Art Online is Getting a Third Season?

Kirito Is At It Again!

SAO fans finally got a chance to catch up with Kirito, Asuna and the rest in the recent movie Ordinal Scale, where once again they dove into a video game wherein things went very, very wrong. Seriously, after all they’ve been through you would have thought they would have been put off for life…

Of course, what really had fans foaming at the mouth was the teaser that came at the end of the film. The mention that Sword Art Online would be back for a possible third season.

According to an article on Otaku USA Magazine

Back when Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale first hit Japanese theaters, we reported that the post-credits sequence included the text “SAO will return,” which many saw as confirmation of a third season for the series.

Now the home video release of Ordinal Scale is further confirming that more SAO is on its way in some way, shape or form.

While the theatrical release read “SAO will return” in English, the text on the Blu-ray/DVD release is in Japanese, and goes into a bit more detail. Translated, it reads:

“After the main feature, there is a teaser for a new work. Please look forward to it.”

That post-credits teaser includes the line “welcome to Rath,” which is a reference to the SAO novels’ Alicization Arc. That arc takes place after what’s been shown in the TV series and movie so far.

Will this “new work” be season 3 of the series, another film or something else entirely? We may find out October 1 during an event set to take place in Akihabara.

Will a third season go down well with anime fans? SAO has proven to be be one of the most divisive shows in recent memory, but will this next attempt manage to bring sceptics back into into the fold? After all, how much more trouble can Kirito and Asuna get into?