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Killer Instinct is Coming to Steam


While not exactly standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Tekken or Mortal Kombat, the most recent edition of this fighting game has still managed to set itself apart from it’s competitors thanks to it’s mechanics as well as it’s crazy cast of characters.

Where else do you get to see a werewolf, talking skeleton, giant robot, and the Arbiter from Halo all kicking the crap out of each other?

While originally exclusive to Windows 10 and Xbox One, it’s been announced that Jago and the rest will be making their way over to Steam.

According to an article on Eurogamer

Previously the fighting game was Windows Store-exclusive, available only on Xbox One and Windows 10, but Microsoft announced in June the title would hit Steam later this year. Though Killer Instinct hasn’t come out on Valve’s platform yet, we now know it will feature a cross-play feature.

On the Killer Instinct forums, community manager Rukari Austin, AKA rukizzel, revealed players on Xbox One or Windows 10 will be able to cross-play with Steam players.

“Yes, this is your confirmation that Killer Instinct players on Xbox One or Windows 10 will be able to play cross-network with players on Steam, as well, and we’re super excited to be able to bring that feature to you when KI launches on Steam in the coming weeks,” wrote Austin.

“There is one small caveat, though. We will be testing this feature, making sure all the kinks are worked out (as best as we can) in a live environment. What that means for you is that you will see the option for cross play in your menus, but then there will be times where that menu item is turned off, and seemingly missing. Never fear, that is simply us working on things in the background, and your experience will not be affected as we do our work.

Best sharpen up on your combos, sounds there are going to be plenty of fights on the horizon.