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Japan’s Latest Craze: Handsome Scarecrows

Because Why Not?

We have to hand it to you Japan, no matter how desensitised we think we’ve become to the weirder parts of otaku culture, you always manage to surprise us. So what is it this time?

In short; scarecrows. Specifically scarecrows in the form of five attractive anime guys.

Are they actually going to get rid of the crows? Or are they so good-looking the birds are just going to be too embarrassed to go near them?

“Please don’t notice me senpai! CAW!” 

According to an article on Crunchyroll

Japan is no stranger to transforming inanimate objects into cute girls and handsome boys, and the latest effort in the personification project is Kakashi ZEYO! – The Scarecrow –, a set of 5 original characters designed to promote Kōchi Prefecture by turning scarecrows in dashing young men.

The story of Kakashi ZEYO! – The Scarecrow – is set in the city of Shimanto in Kōchi Prefecture. After poor harvests in recent years, the townsfolk create unique scarecrows and pray for prosperity. A god of good harvests rewards their efforts by placing souls in the scarecrows, transforming them into handsome human men.

The first character goods in the Kakashi ZEYO! – The Scarecrow – project are a line of double-sided acrylic stands designed to be used as keychains or to adorn decorative planters. The set includes all 5 of the scarecrows in both their original and human forms.

We give it a matter of months before this becomes a visual novel where the player takes on the role of an apprentice farmer who falls in love with multiple, living scarecrows. We never thought ploughing fields could become a euphemism but once again Japan proves us wrong.

Do they have anything left to animate  into attractive figurines by this point?

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