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Blue Exorcist Has Its Own Stage Play

The Son Of Satan is Coming to Theatres!

Anime and manga being turned into musicals is nothing new in Japan, in fact its popularity seems to be on the rise. Pretty soon it might eclipse the amount of live-action movie adaptations, which might be for the best given their history of poor quality.

Of course, taking a series that’s as action packed and full of visual flare as Blue Exorcist is a tall order. After all, you have a guy running around slicing apart Satan’s armies while covered in blue flames.

Yet Rin and company seem to have broken through, as this will be the fourth time Kazue Kato’s work has been turned into a stage production.

According to an article on Crunchyroll

Blue Exorcist is gearing up for its 4th stage play adaptation with performances in Tokyo in October and Kobe in November, and to whet the audience’s appetite for supernatural action, the official home page and Twitter feed have released new key visuals, including a poster with the entire cast in costume and make-up and a short clip featuring stage combat.

The latest play is written and directed by Daisuke Nishida and stars Ryo Kitamura as Rin Okumura and Shuto Miyazaki as Yukio Okumura. The play’s script is supervised by Kazue Kato, the author of the original Blue Exorcist manga. The story of the play adapts the “Shimane Illuminati Arc” of volumes 10 – 15 of the Blue Exorcist manga.

The 4th Blue Exorcist stage play will run from October 20 – 29, 2017, at the Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi in Tokyo and from November 02 – 05, 2017, at the New Kobe Oriental Theater in Kobe

As crazy as it seems, we’re starting to hope all these plays come on a world tour so we can see how they translate our favourite series onto the stage. Can’t do any worst than what’s be made over here…

Be sure to check out the sneak peak for the Blue Exorcist stage play below!