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Top 5 Entry Level DSLR Cameras

Thinking of getting into photography? Looking for a good travel camera? Well we got you covered. DSLRs are versatile, affordable, and quality cameras with interchangeable lens. Whether you’re looking at getting into shooting film or photo, or you’re an experienced photographer looking at other gear options, take a look at this list for the top 5 entry level DSLR picks.

#5: Pentax K-70

A great entry level camera, the Pentax K-70 offers a solid 24.4 megapixel camera and a weather proof design making it one of our more versatile cameras on this list. It features a new hybrid auto-focus system and an extremely rugged build for at an upper tier entry level price point.

#4: Canon EOS Rebel SL2

Canon has been notorious for providing great cameras across all price ranges, and their entry level DSLRs are no exception. The Canon EOS Rebel series is a classic line going back decades at this point. The Canon SL2 is one of the more compact options on this list making it a great travel camera. It has pretty standard specifications for an entry level camera and although a decent piece, better options do exist.

#3: Sony A3000

Sony is known more for their quality point and shoot style cameras, but the Sony A3000 is nothing to scoff at. It has surprisingly great picture quality with its 20.1 megapixel camera and also offers great HD video options. For one of the lowest price points on this list, this camera is definitely something worth looking into.

#2: Canon EOS REBEL T7i

The landmark entry level quality camera from Canon, the Ti series are a classic for delivering amazing crop sensor quality photo and video at an upper tier level entry price. Rocking a 24.2MP quality sensor with built in bluetooth and WiFi the Canon T7i is another splendid addition to the Ti series. A solid investment that’s bound to last you more than a few years with great resale value.

#1: Nikon D3400

Our number one entry, the Nikon D3400. When it comes to the gold standard of entry level DSLRs, both the Canon and Nikon brands shine and are mostly comparable. The 3400 however definitely takes the cake with its picture quality, durability, and features. You definitely can’t go wrong with this camera. If you’re still not convinced, a little hunting online will prove it to you in no time.