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Code Geass’ First Compilation Movie Announced

Hail To The King

There’s no denying the impact that Code Geass had on the anime community. While it had plenty of mecha, the occasional bit of fanservice along with a masked protagonist, it transcended nearly all its cliches into what ultimately became a character study of one of the most complex protagonists to ever grace the medium; Lelouch vi Britannia.

Over the course of the two series, we witnessed Lelouch go from well-intended rebel to an anti-hero whose motives were more than a little shady.

It was a barrage of emotions that didn’t let up until its intensely bittersweet climax, with Lelouch’s blunders, battles and bravery left burned into our minds. For all we knew, Code Geass had concluded, and on a very fitting note…

…until it was announced that there was indeed going to be a third season, to which fans lost their collective minds.

While the details are still a little hazy, we do know that Lelouch of the Resurrection is indeed on the horizon. Of course if you can’t bare the thought of waiting, then you can rejoice since it’s also been announced that Code Geass will be getting its own set of compilation films.

According to an article on Crunchyroll

The official Twitter account for the Code Geass franchise has revealed the first teaser trailer and key visual for the first compilation film in the Code Geass revival project to celebrate the franchise’s forthcoming continuation in Lelouch of the Resurrection.

The first film is simply titled Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode I and will be released on October 21st in Japan, with the premiere weekend screenings to tentatively feature Jun Fukuyama, Yukana, Ami Koshimizu, and director Goro Taniguchi on one night and Jun Fukuyama, Takahiro Sakurai and Taniguchi for the second night in separate talk sessions.

After once again getting swept up in Lelouch’s swagger, lets hope that the third season can deliver on what was an almost perfect ending to the original.

Be sure to check out the teaser trailer for Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode I below.