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Canelo Vs. Golovkin Was A Draw. Could CONOR MCGREGOR Take On One Of Them Next?


Box Office

Saturday night was Fight Night. And boy did it pay off, both in terms of entertainment value, and broadcast $$$$. Yeah, even with that, uh, controversial judging fiasco.

Boston Herald: 

In the final seconds of last night’s middleweight title fight nobody seemed to care anymore who won. Instead the sellout crowd of 22,358 at the T-Mobile Arena rose as one and began to cheer both Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez as they tore at each other like two rabid dogs, each trying with his last full measure to find the punch that would bring them victory. As it turned out, neither did.

After 12 rounds of fierce battling, mostly at close quarters, Golovkin and Alvarez were still standing and Golovkin was still middleweight champion but not because he won. Because nobody won.

The crowd was not as convinced as the judges however, booing when Alvarez was interviewed in the ring after the decision was announced, for what it was difficult to say. He had done all he could but came up short. Same was true of Golovkin, who certainly didn’t look like the feared power puncher so many claimed him to be.

In the end boxing got what it needed. It got a highly competitive and highly entertaining fight between two guys who came to the ring looking to throw punches and break the other’s spirit. They succeeded in the former, but not in the latter, which is why by midnight there was already talk of doing it again, if the two were amenable to it. And why not?

“Of course, I want the rematch, Golovkin said. “Ditto,’’ Alvarez said in Spanish.

Fight For Your Right

But hold on just a sec. Rematch? Sure. BUT there’s another YUUUUGE draw that might just get priority. At least, that’s a possibility, according to MMA guru Joe Rogan.

Two words:

Conor McGregor.



“I don’t think [Conor is done boxing]. Look, he went the very first fight against the greatest ever and he didn’t look too bad. If there’s a legit, big fight – say if Canelo Alvarez steps up and says that he wants to fight Conor McGregor, [Conor] might do it.”

Canelo went to a controversial draw with Golovkin on Saturday and a rematch seems likely though not guaranteed. Alvarez could determine he’d rather take the perceived easier payday than rematch a man many thought beat him. Similarly, Golovkin might also jump at the chance to face a relative novice with the prospect of millions of dollars in PPV sales at the end. In either scenario, the financial incentives for all parties involved are enormous, though Rogan concludes by pointing out that there is one extremely large downside for McGregor: he has to take a beating significantly worse than the one he suffered from Mayweather.

“It wouldn’t be a smart move. The difference between Canelo and Floyd – Floyd was just a brilliant boxer. Canelo is a murderous puncher and he’ll f**k you up. He’ll hurt you.

“[Golvokin] is not a good fight for him either. Neither Canelo nor Golvkin is a good fight for him. They’re terrible fights for him. Those guys are different.”

There MIGHT Be Blood


Stay tuned, fight fans.