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Top 10 Graham Norton Show Moments

Over the last decade, Graham Norton has gone on to become the UK’s most iconic and entertaining chat show host. With a glass of wine in hand, a couch full of A-List guests, the infamous red chair on standby as well as an infinite amount of sass, Graham has accumulated more than his fair share of funny moments over the show’s long history. These ten, in our humble opinion, are by far the best!

#10: Baking Innuendos

Hugh Jackman and Billy Crystal team up to deliver the raunchiest lines ever spoken on the Great British Bake Off.


#9: Nunchuck Skills

Rebel Wilson doesn’t just act and rap, she’s also a certified ninja.


#8: Russell Crowe & the Red Chair

The Aussie actor is well-known for his confrontational behavior, something he channels when he sends guests flying out of the red chair in rapid succession.


#7: Drunk Mark Wahlberg

Marky Mark turned up to the show utterly wasted before deciding to grope Graham…


#6: Pine Nuts vs. Cumberbitches

Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch’s fangirls are pitied against each other.


#5: Seth MacFarlane’s Rogues’ Gallery

Brian and Stewie Griffin come out to play as the Family Guy creator reenacts the Cool Whip routine.


#4: Rejected on National Television

A brutal red chair story that leaves Simon Pegg and Kylie Minogue unable to handle the cringe.


#3: Emma Stone & the Spice Girls

After her obsession with the UK pop band is revealed, Graham pulls off the ultimate prank on Emma Stone.


#2: Fresh Prince Reunion

Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro reunite to pull off the famous Carlton dance.


#1: The Fly

A giant fly invades the studio and steals the show when Chris O’Dowd accidentally chews it.


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