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Top 10 Sweetest Moments in Anime

It goes without saying that anime has the power to move an audience to near tears through a combination of rich storytelling and lush animation. This phenomenon is commonly refereed to as  “the feels.” Common symptoms include squeeing out-load, bursting into uncontrollable fits of crying and posting endless blogs on Tumblr about how said anime is everything!

And these are the ten moments in anime that we believe bring the feels in full force.

As you might expect, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: Thank You For Loving Me

As all the souls trapped in Limbo move onto the next life, Otonashi finally confesses his love to Kanade, only for her to admit that she too must pass on as well.

#9: Cherry Blossoms

Just as Chopper is about to leave with the Straw Hat Pirates, his foster mother gives him a heartwarming farewell gift by making his deceased father figure’s dream come true by showering the island with cherry blossoms.

#8: Hohenheim’s Death

Despite his many mistakes, Ed and Al’s father finally finds peace by dying before the grave of his beloved wife.

#7: The Letter

Even though they never got to confess their love in person, following her death Kaori manages to let Kousei know that despite the lie she told in April, she did indeed love him.

#6: Jyushimatsu in Love

While most of the time these sextuplets spend their days being vulgar, crude and fiendishly funny, seeing them come together to help their brother pursue the girl he likes is rather sweet.

#5: Finding Menma

In spite of having to face their own painful pasts, a group of former friends finally manage to let go of their guilt regarding their deceased friend Menma, allowing her spirit to rest.

#4: Rin is Adopted

A young girl that no one wants finds herself in the care of a layabout adult, where the two slowly being to change each others lives for the better.

#3: At the Dinner Table

After suffering so much abuse at the hands of her mother, the sight of a genuine home-cooked meal is more than Kayo can bear.

#2: Confession

After so many episodes, this perfect pair finally get around to confessing their feelings towards each other in the most heartfelt way possible.

#1: A Tearful Meal

Nothing inspires tears more than a group of young men who just lost out on a championship volleyball match. NOTHING!

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