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Top 10 Well-Deserved Punches to the Face in Anime

Not that we condone violence, but these guys really had it coming! Whether they’re straight up evil or just being total douchebags, these are the times when anime characters got what was coming to them with a punch right to the money-maker!

As you might expect, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: Naruto Punches Haku

After Sasuke’s supposed death, Naruto taps into the power of his inner demon and punches the masked assassin across a bridge.

#9: Leone Kills Prime Minister Honest

At the cost of her own life, this noble member of Night Raid crushes the face of this deceitful cretin.

#8: Handa Punches the Critic

After getting his calligraphy mocked, Handa lets his anger get the better of him and knocks out an elderly critic.

#7: Saitama Punches Marugori

The One Punch Man does his thing by bringing down a giant villain in a single blow

#6: Leorio Punches Ging

After refusing to go and see his son, Ging gets a Warping Punch to the face courtesy of Gon’s friend Leorio. In the middle of a conference no less!

#5: Kamina Punches Simon

In an act of brotherly love, Kamina gives Simon a good thrashing to bring him out of an emotional slump.

#4: Edward Punches Shou Tucker

After discovering that he had fused his daughter and her dog into a single being, Ed gives Tucker a taste of an auto-mail fist.

#3: Touma Punches Agnese

Touma uses his magic-breaking fist to knock the crap out of a young nun. But she was an evil nun so it’s all good.

#2: Luffy Punches a Celestial Dragon

Luffy punches one of the most powerful men in the world through a wall because he wounded his friend. This is considered a war crime in the eyes of the World Government, but does Luffy care? Hell no.

#1: Jotaro Punches Steely Dan

In a sweet act of revenge, Jotaro lets Star Platinum loose against this murderous crook. The Stand punches him so man times that we’re pretty sure there isn’t a bone in his whole body that’s not broken.

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