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Top 10 Strong Female Video Game Characters

Whether they are saving (or threatening) the world with their fists, their intelligence or sheer resilience, these ten ladies are some of video games’ most iconic characters, especially when it comes to laying the smack-down on their foes.

#10: Tifa Lockheart

She is as sweet as can be, but will happily bring down the likes of Shinra and Sephiroth with her bare hands for the sake of her family.

#9: Jill Valentine

She’s one of the OGs when it comes to zombie killing, and her brief trip to the dark side turned her into an impressive villain.

#8: Chun-Li

The first female character to ever appear in Street Fighter isn’t without some serious moves of her own.

#7: Jade

She brought an intergalactic conspiracy to light with only her wiles and epic photography skills. The fact she’s also a decent fighter didn’t hurt either.

#6: Bayonetta

Equal parts sex appeal, sass and overwhelming power, this witch is so strong she managed to punch God into the sun.

#5: Alyx Vance

Gordon Freeman could not ask for a better assistant during the battle against the Combine!

#4: Commander Shepard

FemShep managed to rally the galaxy against the overwhelming threat of the Reapers, all the while busting out some horrific dance moves and winning the hearts of her alien companions.

#3: Sarah Kerrigan

Betrayed by her comrades, reborn as a destroyer of worlds, and still managed to find redemption in the end. Kerrigan’s story is as close to epic as you can get.

#2: Lara Croft

Her gunslinger skills are only matched by her unrelenting desire to seek out the legends of old. Even after so many years Ms Croft still finds a way to be relevant in the modern gaming scene, with each iteration breathing new life into her character.

#1: Samus Aran

She’s a woman of few words (screw you Other M) and has saved the galaxy more times than we can count. When it comes to taking out cosmic parasites, no one does it better than the First Lady of Retro Gaming.

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