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Top 10 Badass Women in Anime

Stand aside boys, these ladies are stealing the show! With their strength, determination and clearly defined characters, these ten are some of the best examples of female characters in anime, especially when it comes to the action genre.

#10: Saeko Busujima

Despite getting aroused by conflict, she is by far the most capable companion during a zombie apocalypse.

#9: Nico Robin

She was branded a war criminal for most of her life, and still found the strength to smile and carry on.

#8: Touka Kirishima

While she has a sweet heart, this icy Ghoul is the last person you want to cross, especially when she busts out that kagune of hers.

#7: Clare

She spends her days hunting down monsters with a giant sword while also dealing with her own inner demons. Suck it Cloud Strife!

#6: Erza Scarlet

Beautiful and deadly, this mage is a walking armory who will cut down anyone who threatens her guild.

#5: Mikasa Ackerman

It doesn’t matter if you’re a human or Titan, Mikasa will tear you to pieces either way without shedding a tear. Unless it involves Eren of course.

#4: Ryuko Matoi

She will find her father’s murderer, even if she has to take on a whole school filled with super-powered individuals. Not to mention wear the deadliest (and most revealing) outfit ever conceived.

#3: Android 18

She’s played the role of merciless machine and caring mother, and both times she’s demonstrated that her power level is nothing to be sneered at.

#2: Revy

Violent as can be, swears like a sailor and has no qualms about killing or stealing. Revy is someone who thrives in chaos and will happily drag everyone down with her.

#1: Motoko Kusanagi

Nobody messes with The Major. Nuff said.

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