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Travis Strikes Again: More Details Revealed

Travis Is Going Retro?!

Fans of this beam-katana wielding otaku have spent the past few weeks rejoicing that he will be returning to the gaming scene in 2018.

Of course, we still have plenty of questions. How will it translate to the Nintendo Switch? What is the plot? How crazy are the boss fights going to be?

It turns out that it might even be more awesome than we first thought, as director and creator Suda51 has revealed some details in a recent interview.

According to an article on IGN

Travis Strikes Again will feature similar gameplay to the first two No More Heroes games, which employed a mix of motion and traditional button controls. The game will feature motion controls, but more importantly it can be played entirely with one JoyCon, according to Suda. Co-op play was not confirmed, but Suda hinted that it was something that was on their mind.

As for the story, the villain we see in the game’s trailer is Bad Man, father of Bad Girl from the first No More Heroes title. After Bad Man’s failed assassination attempt in Travis’ mobile home they are both pulled into an experimental game console called the Death Drive Mk-II. Travis will have to battle his way out of six different retro game inspired worlds, each with their own unique rules and boss.

So far, Hotline Miami and Shovel Knight have been confirmed as indie games that will be partnering with Grasshopper Manufacture on the upcoming 2018 Switch game.

Suda was sure to stress that this game is not No More Heroes 3, and that he hopes this game can revitalize the series so he can continue it in the future (and maybe even get Travis into Super Smash Bros.)

No release date has been given for Travis Strikes Again, but it should be releasing some time in 2018 according to its original reveal trailer.

Shovel Knight AND Travis Touchdown?! This thing can’t come out soon enough!

Be sure to check out the trailer for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes below.