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Top 10 Most Wanted Anime Crossovers

While awesome by themselves, every fan has at least thought about their favorite anime crossing over at one point or another. Who would fight who? Who would get along? Which weird pairing could be made a reality? Well, we’ve delved into our own personal fanfictions and chosen ten anime that we believe would make for the most thrilling combinations!

#10: One Punch Man x Haven’t You Heard, I’m Sakamoto

The world’s most powerful hero teaming up with the world’s suavest student would create an explosion of epic from which there would be no return.

#9: Fist of the North Star x JoJo’s Bizarre’s Adventure

The sheer testosterone of Kenshiro and the Joestars would easily overcome the likes of Dio.

#8: Yu Yu Hakasho x Hunter x Hunter

It only makes sense that Yoshihiro Togashi’s most famous works would cross over. Who wouldn’t want to see Hiei and Killua clash?

#7: Sword Art Online x Log Horizon

We don’t think it would take much for Kirito and Shiroe to find a reason to try and delete each other.

#6: Space Dandy x Redline

Not only have they both taken the worst that galaxy has to throw at them, but they also have two of the slickest hairstyles in all of anime.

#5: Digimon x Pokemon

Time to settle this once and for all; who is the better Mon?

#4: Naruto x One Piece

Pirate or ninja? Devil Fruit or Jutsu? Beer or sake? Who is the superior shonen juggernaut?

#3: Kuroko no Basket x Slam Dunk

There’s no better place for a cross over than a basketball tournament, but who would score the final point? Kagami or Hanamichi?

#2: K-ON! X Highschool of the Dead

What better way to improve each show than by having the Light Music Club fight against hordes of the living dead?

#1: “Berserk x Attack on Titan

We just really want to see Guts and Levi team up. Is that too much to ask?!

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