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New Scorn Gameplay Revealed: Disgustingly Awesome?

H.R. Giger Would Be Proud

Ever since it’s teaser crawled its way onto the internet, gamers have been intrigued by this rather grizzly FPS that sees a lone alien being armed with fleshy weapons wander around a nightmarish, alien landscape.

Now, a new gameplay trailer for Scorn has been released, and it’s just as creepy as you would expect.

According to an article by Eurogamer

Indie studio Ebb Software has released gameplay footage for it’s upcoming first-person horror adventure Scorn.

Players explore the unsettling and maze-like world presented to them, while opening up new areas, solving puzzles, acquiring different skill sets, weapons, and various items.

As you can see from the video, the living, breathing world around you means constantly adapting your actions. The Denizens of Scorn creatures each have different personalities and reactions to your presence, some more favourable than others.

Everything in Scorn is unnerving, from the fleshy sounds to the anatomical weapon you use. The entire environment resembles exposed brain matter and muscles.

According to the description, there are no cut-scenes and all storytelling happens within the game. The description also warns the game “won’t show you any sympathy if you miss something important on your uneasy travels”.

Scorn launches on Steam in two parts, the first called Dasein. Ebb is currently running a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of releasing part one of Scorn in 2018.

Sci-fi horror is something of a delicate art nowadays, one that’s easy to mess up. The likes of Alien: Isolation and Soma managed to really raise the bar when it came to tension while submerging players in their respective environments and lore. Can Scorn do the same while balancing a combat element that doesn’t feel forced? Will all that gore and grossness just for shock value or will it be legitimately scary?

Be sure to check out the gameplay trailer for Scorn below!