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Are We Getting a New Alice Game?

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World

For many, American McGee’s interpretation of the classic Lewis Carroll story Alice in Wonderland is one of the definitive takes on the narrative. As opposed to taking things in a much more colorful, upbeat Disney direction, McGee’s version was dark, gritty and horrifying.

Let’s be honest, a queen obsessed with cutting people’s heads off isn’t that family friendly when you think about it.

It’s been over five years since the release of Alice: Madness Returns, though from the sounds of it McGee is hungry to return to Wonderland once again.

According to an article on Gamespot

Game developer American McGee, who led the development of American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns, wants to make a third entry in the series. In a blog post, the developer said he is planning to start a proposal for a third game, tentatively titled “Alice: Asylum.” The pitch will be sent to Electronic Arts, which has the Alice rights.

“This proposal will include artwork, design outline, and financial/business model. When this proposal is finished (and assuming all the numbers and constraints make sense) it’ll be sent to EA,” the blog post said.

Updates on the project’s development will be shared on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, in addition to weekly livestreams on YouTube. “Let’s show EA how many people want a new Alice game!” the post goes on to say.

People can also send in money through PayPal to support the proposal’s progress, but there is no word on how exactly funds will be spent.

Back in 2014, McGee announced that he was gauging interest in a third Alice game, so this new development appears to signal that he received some amount of interest.

If McGee and EA are to work together again, they’ll do so in the wake of criticisms that McGee levied against the publisher. In 2014, McGee bemoaned EA’s marketing of Alice: Madness Returns. On Reddit, he claimed EA intentionally created trailers for the game that would “trick” gamers into thinking the game was a hardcore horror title.

Here’s hoping that if it does get the backing it needs, McGee will take us even further down the rabbit hole into a new disturbing and visceral world.