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Top 10 Elder Scrolls Quests

Are you the fabled Dragonborn? Do you serve the Night Mother? Are you after Daedric artifacts or just an adventurer who ended up taking an arrow to the knee? Whatever your preference, Tamriel has a quest just waiting for you. For this list, we’ll be looking across the entire Elder Scrolls franchise and picking out the most iconic, inventive and entertaining quests!

As you might expect, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: Sanguine

You are ordered to infiltrate a palace and disrupt a party…by making sure everyone gets drunk and naked. Awesome.

#9: Dagoth-Ur

A long and exhaustive mission that leads you right into the heart of Morrowind’s most famous volcano.

#8: The Mind of Madness

Entering the mind of a deceased emperor is all well and good, but the fact you get to hang out with the Mad God Sheogorath elevates this quest to a whole other level of awesome.

#7: Journey to Aetherius

Even with its retro graphics, the potency of this finale still shines through

#6: The House of Horrors

Scares? In an Elder Scrolls game? It’s more likely than you think!

#5: Disrupt the Skaal Hunt

Unleash your inner werewolf and show a tribe who the real hunter is!

#4: A Night to Remember

Having to retrace your steps because you got drunk with a Daedra Lord is both fantastical yet oddly familiar for some.

#3: Corprus Cure

You’re infected, and the only way to cure yourself is to head into a horrific dungeon filled with lots of other infected people…yay.

#2: A Deadra’s Best Friend

The hardest choice in any Elder Scrolls game. Do you take the powerful weapon, or do you save the talking dog?

#1: Whodunit?

It’s a murder mystery, where you get to play the murderer!

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