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Jesus Christ is in a Fighting Game?

Prepare for Divine Punishment

There have been many fighting games over the years, and each have managed to bring something unique to the table, whether it be astounding visuals, intriguing characters, an investing narrative or addictive gameplay mechanics. That being said, it’s fair to say that the genre has become slightly saturated as of late, so what else is there to add?

How about something a little more…holy?

That’s right, Jesus of Nazareth, along with a whole host of other deities, are ditching their pacifistic personas and have instead decided to duke it out to see who really is religion’s top dog.

And you can decide who wins on the early access game known as Fight of Gods.

According to an article on Kotaku

Steam Early Access has brought us games ranging from interesting ideas that need fleshing out, to batshit bizarre concepts that boggle the mind. Yesterday a game entered Early Access on Steam called Fight of Gods, and it’s definitely on the weirder end of the spectrum.

Fight of Gods is a 2D fighting game, and it allows you to pit real world religious figures against each other. Not all of them are technically gods; Buddha, for example, was a human being who attained enlightenment rather than a deity. But he can still unleash some bad karma on your ass! Similarly, watching Jesus rip himself off the cross to punch Moses in the face does make me question the game’s lore; I thought they were Bible buddies?

There’s also currently a vote ongoing for which character should be added next. My vote goes to the flying spaghetti monster, the delicious deity everyone can get behind.

Whether it’s meant to be taken as a joke or aiming to be the next Tekken is still up for debate, but I think we can all agree that there are going to be more than a few groups who aren’t going to be happy with this game’s character roster.

Be sure to check out the gameplay video below if you’re curious to see what Jesus’ super move looks like!