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Top 10 Pokemon Battles From the Animated Show

Just because the video games shine when it comes to Pokemon Battles doesn’t mean the anime hasn’t got some awesome entries of its own. For this list, we’ll be looking at ten battles from across the animated Pokemon franchise that stood out for just how epic they were as well their overall impact on their respective series.

Just a warning, there will be SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: Ash vs. Brandon

Ash’s classic team back from his days in Kanto reunite to take on a Frontier Brain that’s armed with a freaking Regice.

#9: Charizard vs. Mewtwo

Apparently the most powerful Pokemon from the First Generation has nothing on a Mega Charizard X!

#8: Ash vs. Jeanette

Ash and company get wrecked by a Bellsprout who happens to know martial arts…only to be defeated by a body slam courtesy of Muk.

#7: Charizard vs. Articuno

Ash’s beloved Charizard makes a brief reappearance in order to defeat one of the legendary birds.

#6: Infernape vs. Electivire

Ash and his rival Paul settle the score once and for all when Infernape gets back at his old trainer by dishing out a blazing beat-down on Electivire.

#5: Charizard vs. Blaziken

The fact that this is the first time we got to see a Pokemon from the Hoenn region was the real selling point. Charizard showing up to face it was also a big plus.

#4: Ash vs. Drake

Ash secures one of his few tournament wins by defeating this champion in a six vs. six Poke-brawl. The highlight is of course Pikachu bringing the thunder against a Dragonite.

#3: Charizard vs. Magmar

For once, Charizard finally decides to listen to Ash after it finds itself against a fiery rival in the form of Gym Leader Blaine’s Magmar.

#2: Pikachu vs. Raichu

Just goes to show, Pikachu don’t need no Thunderstone! With sheer determination, he managed to defeat his evolved form without having to resort to a forced evolution.

#1: Ash vs. Gary

The two rivals from Pallet Town face off in a championship match, with Charizard once again proving that his awesomeness can transcend type-disadvantages and take down a Blastoise.

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