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Top 10 Crash Bandicoot Characters

From the outrageous bosses, the talking masks all the way to the titular Bandicoot armed with a wumpa fruit bazooka, this series has plenty of crazy characters that have been engraved into gaming culture. Out of the numerous villains, heroes and polar bears, these are our picks for the most popular of the bunch.

#10: Pura

An adorable tiger that we can ride across the Great Wall of China? Yes please!

#9: Crunch Bandicoot

A recent edition to the Bandicoot family, this bulky boss once served as Crash’s new nemesis under the command of Cortex.

#8: Tiny Tiger

One of Crash’s strongest foes, this ironically named beast has tried to squash the Bandicoot on several occasions.

#7: Coco Bandicoot

She’s computer savvy, articulate and knows martial arts. Honestly, Crash wouldn’t have gotten very far without his handy sister.

#6: Aku-Aku

This sentient mask has been both a mentor figure to Crash as well as the occasional source of invincibility. RUTABAGA!

#5: Polar

The original animal sidekick that served as Crash’s noble steed as well as the cutest polar bear cub you will ever see.

#4: Dingodile

The hybrid from down under who loves nothing more than threatening penguins with a flamethrower. What a legend.

#3: Dr N. Gin

Cortex’s right hand man is so mentally unstable that he will have you laughing your backside off before you know it.

#2: Dr Neo Cortex

In his eternal quest to destroy that meddling Bandicoot, Cortex provided hours of entertainment with his frequent mental breakdowns due to his constant failure.

#1: Crash Bandicoot

One of gaming’s biggest icons is a Bandicoot of few words, but he makes up for its with a killer spin, awesome dance moves and some of retro gaming’s best titles.

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