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New Sailor Moon Cafe to Open in Japan

Fighting Evil by Moonlight…Eating Cake by Daylight!

For many 90s kids, Sailor Moon was one of their first introductions to shojo anime via mainstream media. Aside from having a laughable dub and bizarre censorship (turning lesbian lovers into cousins, really?) the series is still beloved by many in the west. This has only been further cemented in recent years with the release of Sailor Moon Crystal.

But as per usual, when it comes to anime and general otaku culture, Japan does it better. In this instance, its through the release of multiple cafes styled  after our favorite moonlit princess.

According to an article on Kotaku

Like Sailor Moon? Want to eat Sailor Moon-themed food? Good news. Starting this fall, four Sailor Moon cafes are opening in Japan. Yes, four!

According to Rurubu, one is opening in Tokyo on September 22, while another opens in Osaka on September 28 and yet another begins business the following day in Nagoya. These cafes are open for a limited time only, and will run until late October (Tokyo) and early November (Osaka and Nagoya).

Details on the Fukuoka cafe will be announced at a later date.

These aren’t the first Sailor Moonthemed cafes, and they won’t be the last! Last year, for example, a Sailor Moon cafe opened in Tokyo and served up a burger with pink buns.

Before any diehard fans lose their minds and start booking plane tickets, be sure to check out some of the dishes on the menu that you’ll be dining on.

We’re not sure if we’re just hungry or eager to be served tea by the likes of staff dressed as Tuxedo Mask and the whole Sailor Senshi cast.

If you’re feeling the urge to throw yourself back into the shimmering world of Sailor Moon, then be sure to check our video below on who we believe to be the most memorable character in the series!