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Little Witch Academia Video Game Due 2018

Prepare to Enroll at Luna Nova Academy!

As many an anime fan will attest to, Little Witch Academia was a gem of a show that is likely to go down as one of 2017’s best. It’s lush animation, beautifully crafted characters and overwhelming heart ensured it will be remembered fondly as one of Studio Trigger’s biggest hits.

For those of you that were worried that the magic was over and that you wouldn’t be able to spend more time with the likes of Akko, Lotte and Sucy, you have nothing to worry about.

They have their own video game on the way that’s set to hit North America sometime in early 2018.

According to an article on Crunchyroll

The character expressions in the Little Witch Academia game are very good. You’ll see more of them on display in the latest trailer from Bandai Namco, which explores Luna Nova Magical Academy before getting into some action and another quick glimpse at bosses and the one-day loop system. Once the day rewinds, you’ll also see Diana Cavendish in the mix. She has yet to be officially confirmed as playable, but this could be a solid hint.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time hits PS4 in Japan on November 30, followed by a western release on PS4 and PC early next year.

While we still don’t know if the game takes place after or during the events of the series, the original art design and promise of being able to explore Luna Nova Academy has already bewitched fans. Here is hoping they don’t waste the opportunity to bring something new to the JRPG scene as opposed to just a cheap cash-grab.

Oh, and if Diana isn’t a playable character, there will be mass revolt.

Be sure to check out the trailer for Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time below!