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Is Animal Farm Getting a Video Game Adaptation?

Orwell Meets PC?

Who hasn’t read or at least heard of Animal Farm? If you didn’t study it in school then you must at least be aware of its existence. How a bunch of animals overthrew their human overlords, only to turn on each other in a way that was awfully reminiscent of a certain Russian conflict?

Well, apparently several developers in the gaming industry were so inspired by Orwell’s work that they have decided to turn it into a video game.

According to an article on Kotaku

An allegory for the 1917 Russian Revolution that managed to capture more universal political themes, the work is an accessible example of how fiction can re-present and re-contextualise events. It’s a modern fable.

Thanks to some storied indie developers, it’s also soon going to be an Adventure Tycoon-style game pretty soon.

The game is approved by the Orwell estate, and you’ll play as one of the ruling class of animals shortly prior to the events of the revolt. Fans of the novel will recall that events really kick off after Old Major dies, a boar who stirs up all the animals against humans with a revolutionary speech. This would seem to be the obvious end point for a ‘prequel.’ That’s a total guess, but in the absence of any real info (beyond ‘narrative choices shaping the outcome’) we proles do what we must.

The game is being developed by Imre Jele (Bossa Studios), Georg Backer (Fable), Andy Payne (founder of Just Flight), Kate Saxon (Mafia 3, The Witcher 3) and Jessica Curry (The Chinese Room). There’s currently no platform or release date announced.

It’s certainly one way of introducing a new generation to the rather harrowing yet eternally relevant tale. Here is hoping they do the materiel justice.

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