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Top 5 Must Have Laptop Accessories

If you’re heading back to school this fall semester, it’s without saying that a laptop computer is an essential tool regardless of what your program of studies is. Everyone can benefit from its mobility and practicality, whether it’s for note taking or simply carrying your projects around campus. There are a variety of tools and gadgets you can get that can greatly improve your experience with your laptop. They’re not absolutely essential, but they can definitely make your life more practical. Just like fashion, it’s important to accessorize your tech gear to reap all of the benefits and versatility that your toys can offer. We’ve therefore compiled five neat and practical accessories to help you out, so take a look below!

#5: Laptop Cooling Pad

If you’re a heavy laptop user and have had issues with overheating in the past, then this will be perfect for you. Although the majority of casual laptop users will have no need for this, heavy gamers and video editors often push their machines to the limit, and this Laptop Cooling Pad becomes a life saver (for you and your laptop… literally).

#4: Mosiso Plastic Hard Case

Although most laptops are aesthetically pleasing naked on their own, a good laptop case (such as this Mosiso Hard Case for MacBooks) can offer a new look while also giving it some hardy protection. There are a plethora of laptop cases available on the market today, all sporting different styles and levels of protection. Make sure to find a case compatible with your laptop model to avoid any bad surprises.

#3: Aluminum Cooling Laptop Stand

If you’re someone who often suffers from neck pain or you work from your laptop for extended periods of time, a laptop stand is a nifty and practical device, especially if your laptop is your sole computer. This LiMENO Cooling Stand offers ergonomic cooling benefits and angles the height of your gear perfectly to avoid straining your neck and shoulders.

#2: Vetelli Laptop & Tablet Bag

If you have a laptop, chances are you don’t carry it around in your arms all day. While you could opt for throwing your laptop in your school bag, a stylish laptop bag is always a nice addition – or even a replacement – to your current 8 year old bag. Check out this leather Vitelli Laptop Bag if you’re in the market for a new accessory.

#1: PNY Elite Portable SSD

The holy grail of laptop accessories, the portable solid state drive. SSDs have revolutionized data storage in terms of speed and reliability since the turn of the decade. Although they do come at a steeper price point in terms of gigabyte to dollar ratio, every new user swears by them. This ultra portable PNY Elite SSD comes in a ridiculously small configuration offering 430 mb/s read speeds, so make sure to pick one up.