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Top 10 Video Games Where You Can’t Fight Back

You can run, you can hide, but that’s about it. In recent years video games, especially in the horror genre, have kept pushing the boundaries of what it means to be truly helpless, and for this list we’ll be looking at which ten managed to accomplish this in style. Of course, by style we mean which scared the crap out of us the most.

#10: Slender: The Eight Pages

The granddaddy of creepypastas is relentless in his pursuit of the player, while all we can do to counter his advances is gather eight pieces of paper!

#9: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

This remake of the first game may not have had much of a wow factor, but it does spontaneously freeze over into a nightmare world where we were set upon by wave after wave of demons.

#8: Temple Run

Get your hands off of our treasure you damn, dirty apes!

#7: Clock Tower

To be fair, if we saw a guy with a giant pair of scissors coming at us, we would run like hell too.

#6: Iron Helix

Even through the eyes of a machine, exploring an infected spaceship without any means of defense will still give you the chills.

#5: Five Nights at Freddy’s

In what has to be the worst job in all of gaming, players have to survive the night while endless amounts of haunted animatronics come at them with less than pleasant intentions.

#4: Frogger

Just because its a product of the 80’s doesn’t mean the journey across the road and river were any less of a nail-biting trek.

#3: Limbo

Two words: GIANT. SPIDER.

#2: Outlast

Stuck in an asylum with horrible monsters and psychotic inmates…and all you can do is record everything on camera!

#1: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Because nothing tops heading deeper into a castle filled with murderous creatures, a sentient shadow and an invisible water monster, while all you can do is hoard tinder.

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