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Stephen Colbert is bringing HILLARY CLINTON Back On The Late Show To Settle Some Scores

Not Elected But Selected

How ’bout that 2016 election, huh? It was a doozy! And errybody is totes over it, right? Right? Ain’t nobody re-hashing what went (very very) wrong, or who’s to blame, or how the Electoral College is wack, or we’re all gonna die, or how we’re all doomed, or how life is nasty, brutish and short. . . . well, you get the idea.

And now back into the arena, like a wounded colussus, strides EL CLINTONO herself, hawking her new election memoir and looking to settle some scores.


As the AV Club tells us,

Hillary Clinton has been tentatively returning to the public eye, mostly in an attempt to promote her new book, and she’ll be making her first late-night show appearance since losing the election later this month. As reported in an uncharacteristically snarky Deadline story, Clinton will be appearing on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show on September 19 to talk about her book, and the two of them will discuss all of the things you’d expect to hear someone talk to Hillary Clinton about in 2017—specifically her failed campaign and the disastrous Trump administration.

To Which We Say:

There will be blood.


Clinton isn’t the only political figure looking to reclaim some dignity by going on a late-night show, though, as a separate Deadline story reveals that Sean “Spicey” Spicer will be making his late-night debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on September 13. That story notes that Spicey probably wouldn’t appear on NBC because of how extensively Saturday Night Live mocked him, and he probably wouldn’t appear on CBS after Colbert booked his rival The Mooch, which left Kimmel’s show as the best option. Meanwhile, both CNN and Fox News have said they have no interest in hiring Spicer as a commentator, so this might be our last chance to see him on TV for a while.

Grab the popcorn!