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New Anime Film to Screen at London Film Festival

Will It Manage To Win The Crowd?

Looks like another anime film is set to make a big splash this year. The trend that seemed to have begun with the likes of Your Name has now spilled over into the London Film Festival. This October, alongside a live-action adaptation of the acclaimed manga Blade of the Immortal, there will also be a screening of Maasaki Yuasa’s Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta (Lu over the wall)

Should we be excited? Well, the man did work on Adventure Time and bring us the likes of Ping Pong, The Taitami Galaxy and Space Dandy. So yes, we should be over the freaking moon!

According to an article on Anime News Network

The lineup for the 2017 London Film Festival includes two anime and manga-related films: Masaaki Yuasa‘s Lu over the wall and Takashi Miike‘s Blade of the Immortal. Tickets will become available to BFI Members on Thursday 7 September at 10 a.m. and available to the public on Thursday 14 September from 10 a.m.

Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta is Yuasa’s first anime film with an original story. The protagonist Kai moves with his father from Tokyo to the declining fishing town of Hinashi to live with his grandfather following his parents’ divorce. Kai is unable to give words to his complex feelings about his parents, so he passes his middle school life gloomily. His one joy is uploading his musical compositions to the internet.

One day his classmates Kunio and Yūho invite him to join their band, and when he reluctantly accompanies them to practice on Mermaid Island, the three of them meet a mermaid named Lu. Through her cheerful singing and dancing, Kai is slowly able to open up about his feelings. However, calamity strikes and Kai must shout from the bottom of his heart in order to save the town.

Teenage insecurities meshed together with a charming supernatural element? Sounds like a winning combination to us! Let’s hope it has just as much of an impact on the UK’s film elite.

Be sure to check out the announcement trailer for Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta below!