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Are We Getting a Sequel to Catherine?

Could The Succubi Be Making a Return?

2011’s Catherine was a curious little game. A puzzle platformer where players had to ascend through various nightmare stages, all the while intercut with a story about infidelity, love and what happens when you earn the ire of a sexy demon.

Sure it was all kinds of weird, but the morality system, voice acting and unique premise certainly made it stand out from the the crowd. However, none of us really expected there to be a sequel since the game’s ending gave us several distinct outcomes for lead character Vincent; rekindle his romance with Katherine or embrace lust and pursue Catherine.

However, during a recent live stream, the developers of Catherine dropped some major hints that we could be in for a second serving.

According to an article on Kotaku

When Catherine released more than five years ago, in spite of its flaws, it was a really interesting game. Tackling themes of infidelity and adult relationships, it showcases how Atlus’ personality-driven RPG structure could be applied to a cast over the age of 20. Since it released, I’ve been hoping for a sequel — and this week Atlus may have teased one coming down the road.

During a live stream titled “Golden Recruitment Special Program”, aimed at bringing in new applicants for roles at internal development team Studio Zero, numerous interstitials were made using the framing of the “Golden Playhouse”, the framing device of Catherine. Music from Catherine was used throughout, and at the end of the stream Catherine host Trisha spoke both to recruits, and to Atlus directly.

“When is it going to be my turn? I wonder if there are surprisingly many people interested? This time, I’ll be the heroine! Just kidding. Well, are you talking about the next job?”

It’s no confirmation for sure, but it does seem like a lot of Catherine references and implications to make if that’s not a project they have in the oven.

Either that, or they get their kicks from teasing fans! Here’s hoping there’s more to it so we can get back to those utterly insane boss stages!