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Misty and Brock Set to Return in Pokemon Sun & Moon

The Dream Team Together Again!

90’s kids, your prayers have been answered, at least in part. According to various sources it seems that Misty and Brock will be returning for a two-part special that sees Ash take a break from the Alola region and head bead to Kanto.

You can practically taste the nostalgia.

According to an article by Polygon

Ash Ketchum will reunite with his OG best friends in a Pokémon Sun and Moon two-parter that sends him home to Kanto.

Ash has been living in the Alola region this season, hanging out with Pikachu and making some new, goofy friends. But you never forget your first travel companions, and so Brock and Misty remain beloved. When this summer’s Pokémon movie — a reimagining of the first season — ditched the pair in favor of some unfamiliar faces, old-school fans were rightfully upset.

Consider this the Pokémon Company’s attempt at making amends. Ash and Pikachu drop by Kanto for a “school project,” and part of their visit has them duking it out with an older, more experienced Brock and Misty.

A scan of the magazine suggests that the Kanto natives look much the same, even though we haven’t seen them in several years. Misty’s last appearance in the series was in 2005; Brock lasted much longer, departing in 2011.

We’re way behind Japan when it comes to Sun and Moon, so while the episodes will air overseas on Sept. 14 and Sept. 21, the English-language version won’t debut here for a good long while. Take heart that the classic trio will be back together again soon enough, at least for a little while.

Does this mean we’ll get to see Brock flirt with the ladies again? See Misty and Ash argue over her destroyed bike (which we all know is an excuse because THEY TOTALLY LOVE EACH OTHER) and perhaps see Team Rocket show up to complete the reunion?

One can only hope.

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