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Interview With Kyle Hebert

Just Who The Hell Do You Think He Is?!

Once upon a time he was a disc jockey for Radio Disney.  Now he is the voice behind some of anime and video games’ most iconic characters!

From the pinnacle of awesomeness that is Kamina all the way to Street Fighter poster boy Ryu, Kyle Hebert is kind of a big deal in the world of voice acting.

And like the legend he is, he was more than willing to answer a few of our questions about his career and the illustrious roles that have come with it!

Before your days as a voice actor, you were spinning discs over at Radio Disney. What do you miss most about your time there?

“I love getting to be a kid again with the airwaves as my playground, channeling my inner Robin Williams/Jim Carrey. Wacky voices or impressions interacting with kids on the request line, theater of the mind. What a rare opportunity.”

Do you think that Squeege will ever make a triumphant return?

“If any radio stations were interested, ya never know!”

For every badass, you’ve also played many lovable losers. Who do you have the most affection for and why?

“I’ll always be closest to Gohan from DBZ because that is where my career literally started and snowballed from. Another huge moment was getting to be in Wreck-It Ralph for a line or two as Ryu from Street Fighter. Talk about a bucket list item….being on a Disney animated movie and not having to be a huge celebrity”

Given the amount of appearances that Ryu has made over the years, is it fair to say that “HADOKEN” has become part of your daily vocabulary?

It can be at con appearances for sure, alongside “Next Time on Dragonball Z!”

You’ve portrayed two of modern anime’s greatest characters, both equal in suaveness yet clearly divided in morality. Starting with Kamina, were you surprised by the popularity this shirtless wonder has garnered?

“I knew a good year in advance when the show first hit the airwaves in Japan because the fan buzz was off the charts. I knew I had a lot of responsibility on my shoulders and I knew I had to get it right for the fans. His energy and positivity is absolutely infectious. Not only is he instantly lovable, but his spirit drove Simon’s journey as well as helped countless fans recover from dark places.”

In your own words, how would you rate Kamina’s manliness?

“Over 9000.”

On the other end of the spectrum you have Sosuke Aizen. Aside from that masterful mullet, what would you say is the appeal of his character?

“That bedroom voice. Laaaaadies?”

Be honest, how many times have fans have brought up Taco Aizen?

“More than I thought. Yay for memes!”

While he’s also a cool customer, Kakyoin from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is mostly known for a rather infamous scene involving cherries. What was your approach to such a crucial, character-defining moment?

“Dive right in and have no regrets. You’ll see the results soon enough. XD”

Even to those who don’t consider themselves anime fans, many still recognize your voice as that of the narrator from Dragon Ball Z. How does it feel after all these years to remain an integral part of the show despite the role lacking a physical character?

“It’s an incredible feeling to hear phrases repeatedly like “you were the voice of my childhood”. To make an impact on fans that ring true to this day is like extra icing on an already awesome and delicious cake.”

You are back voicing Gohan for Dragon Ball Super. Do you see any similarities between his development as a character and your own journey as an actor?

“I don’t necessarily see parallels, but I know I do get to come full circle every time I step in the booth to reprise the role.  It all began with DBZ and Gohan back in 2000 for me.”

For those not in the know, what is Big Bald Broadcast, why should people tune in, and where can they find it?  

“It’s come and gone twice throughout the past decade, and now is in Patreon mode to crowdfund a semi-animated version for Youtube. A test episode was just posted alongside the audio only companion via Soundcloud. Search out Big Bald Broadcast on Patreon and Soundcloud.”

Thank you so much for your time Kyle! If fans want to get in touch or let you know how much they love tacos, where can they find you on social media?

@kylehebert on Twitter and Instagram and, as well as for con appearances and project updates.”

And finally, as an honorary member of WatchMojo, if you could choose a subject for a top ten list, what would it be?

“Top Ten TV Guilty Pleasures.”