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Georges St-Pierre Gearing Up for MASSIVE Michael Bisping UFC Title Bout


GSP ain’t afraid of nobody.

Well, nobody human anyway.

GSP’s return to the ‘gon is a huge event for UFC. Huge.

Yahoo Sports:

Former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre says he will be bigger and better in his November comeback fight against middleweight title-holder Michael Bisping. The 36-year-old from Montreal has been on hiatus since Nov. 16, 2013, when he won a split decision over Johny (Bigg Rigg) Hendricks for his ninth straight successful title defence. St-Pierre said at the time he needed to step away from the limelight because his life had become “completely insane” and a “freaking zoo.”


Four years on, St-Pierre (25-2-0) faces the 38-year-old Bisping (31-7-0) in a high-profile UFC 217 main event on Nov. 4 at New York’s Madison Square Garden.  St-Pierre kept training during his time away — tearing his anterior cruciate ligament in 2014 for the second time — and says he is a better athlete today than he was four years ago. He will certainly be bigger, preparing for the move to 185 pounds.

When St-Pierre had to weigh in at 170 pounds for welterweight title defences, he would walk around at 185-186 pounds. After an eight-month layoff — and a regimen of weight-lifting — he was as heavy as 195-196 prior to his victory over Dan (The Outlaw) Hardy at UFC 111 in March 2010. He is currently at 200 pounds.

St-Pierre, who has black belts in karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, has also gone back to his karate roots.

“I should never have left it,” he said. “I think that karate suits my style better. I’ve also been working on different things — ground attacks, leg-locks, stuff like that.”

Champing At The Bit

GSP isn’t arrogant though, despite all his celebrity and past achievements.

“Bisping is the champion. I’m the challenger, so I’m going to have to bring the fight to him.” St-Pierre has said he will retire if he loses to Bisping, but will keep going if he wins. He has no problem returning to welterweight but says the UFC would rather he defend the middleweight title. 

Bottom line?

This is going to be a fight for the ages.