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David Fincher’s new series MINDHUNTER Will Scorch Your TV This Fall

Unflinching Fincher

David Fincher is easily one of the most provocative and accomplished directors in the world.

Now he’s returning to the small screen.


David Fincher is headed back to television with Mindhunter, his first foray on the small screen since he directed the pilot of House of Cards. Mindhunter is the Seven, Zodiac, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo director at his best—telling stories about serial killers. Based on the book of the same name by former FBI criminal profiler John E. Douglas, Mindhunter follows Holden Ford (a special agent in the bureau’s behaviorial science division, based on Douglas and played by Hamilton performer Jonathan Groff) as he interviews infamous killers like Edmund Kemper.

  • Network: Netflix
  • Premiere: Friday, Oct. 13
  • Must watch if you wish Zodiac was a 10-episode TV series you could binge; are fascinated, if terrified, by the psychology of serial killers; thought King George was the best part of Hamilton.
  • Skip if you are prone to nightmares.

Can You Dig It? (A Grave)

Here’s a little breakdown of the trailer, and then you can watch it. Or not.

Entertainment Weekly:

Common sense would dictate you don’t take a gun into a prison, but Jonathan Groff is choosing to ignore that advice in this new MINDHUNTER teaser. Executive produced by David Fincher, MINDHUNTER follows two FBI Agents who interview serial killers in the hopes of solving cases. In the new teaser released Tuesday, Agent Holden Ford (Groff) prepares to meet one of their subjects and decides to take his sidearm with him, but his partner Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) advises against it.

 “He’s going to take the f—ing thing away from you, he’s going to kill you with it, and then he’s going to have sex with your face,” says Tench bluntly in the teaser above.

Cut to Ford coming face to face with his latest subject, who asks him why he’s so tense. “No, I’m not tense,” says Ford unconvincingly.

Well, we are.