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Top 10 Manliest Men in Anime

Do you like your men with so many muscles that it defies sense? That the very air they breath turns into testosterone? These animated bad boys have got you covered. For this list, we’ll be going into the reasons why these guys are the most macho men that anime has to offer.

Just to let you know, there will be SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: Ichiryu

Imagine if Gordon Ramsay bulked up to insane degrees, was blessed by the God of Gourmet, and could take out the strongest of men with just his finger. He still wouldn’t have a patch on this guy.

#9: Kamina

When you only last eight episodes but you have so much swagger that you become the poster boy for the series, you know you have reached a new level of badassery.

#8: Raikage

Some ninja like to dispatch their enemies with stealth. To that, this guy says “screw that! I’m going to turn myself into a lightning bolt!”

#7: Master Asia

Not only was he a pretty awesome mentor figure, but he also had one of the coolest Mobile Suits to ever come out of the franchise.

#6: Jonathan Joestar

Turns out the ultimate British gentleman doesn’t only keep his pinky up while drinking tea, but also is built like a tank and spends his days punching vampires.

#5: Bobobo

Anyone who can rock an Afro like that and make nose hairs seem like an awesome superpower has more than earned his spot on this list.

#4: Kenshiro

He just has to poke you and your head will explode. Not even a post-apocalyptic wasteland phases this guy!

#3: Alex Louis Armstrong

He’s in touch with his feelings, has an epic mustache, and has an overwhelming amount of muscle! What’s not to love?

#2: Rider

This guy lives to conquer, yet is so suave that just one conversation will make you want to swear loyalty to him on the spot.

#1: Whitebeard

He’s a pirate. He can cause fissures with his fists. He’s the ultimate father-figure. He died standing up. Nobody bests Edward Newgate!

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