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GoT An Appetite For More? New HBO Doc The Game Revealed Takes You BEHIND THE IRON THRONE

GoT Game?

Need your Game of Thrones fix? Us too. Thankfully, you can slake your thirst with something new and AWESOME.

Deadline Hollywood:

Game Of Thrones may have wrapped its epic Season 7 with an appropriately epic season finale, but HBO won’t leave fans completely snowed out until next year’s final season. The network has unveiled the first episode of The Game Revealed, a seven-part behind-the-scenes series focused on Season 7 available on HBO Now, HBO Go, HBO On Demand and affiliate portals.

The series features interviews with cast and crew that provide new info and insights on how some of the biggest moments from the latest season evolved. The first episode is now available, including on Facebook and YouTube (watch it below). The remaining episodes will be available exclusively to HBO subscribers each Monday.


The Game Revealed. . . Revealed


More deets:

It’s obvious that there’s an incredible amount of work put into each Game of Thrones episode, but this behind-the-scenes look at what each moment actually requires is absolutely wild. HBO offers a peek behind the curtain in its new seven-part series, Game Revealed, which shows the making of each episode. In episode one, a number of cool moments are addressed, including Arya’s transformation into Walder Frey, the march of the White Walkers, Ed Sheeran’s cameo, that hilarious Samwell Tarly montage, and Daenerys Targaryen’s arrival in Westeros. Particularly fascinating is the work behind the Dragonstone set, which creator David Benioff called the “best set” they’d ever built. Check out some of the interesting facts from the episode below, then get all the details on season eight.

  • The Arya/Walder Frey moment: Maisie Williams wore a full-head prosthetic of actor David Bradley’s face, and strategic camera angles helped to sell the moment of her reveal.
  • Ed Sheeran’s cameo: When Ed saw that he’d be playing a Lannister soldier and Arya would be in the scene, he assumed he’d be killed.
  • Cersei’s map room: The map of the Seven Kingdoms that Cersei’s seen walking on throughout the season is a hand-painted map. Even cooler? The man seen painting the map during the scene with Cersei and Jaime is actually the graphic artist who designed and created the map.
  • The Sam Tarly montage: Remember Sam’s poop-filled montage at the Citadel? It was only about two minutes long, but it took a whopping three and a half days to shoot.
  • Daenerys landing in Westeros: Three different locations were used for the memorable scene.

So, Winter May Be Coming But. . .


Here’s the first episode!